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WTH #5 – Jouer lip Crème in Rose


Jouer is a brand not very well known here in the Uk and generally in Europe, I ordered my first Lippy on Cult Beauty because let’s face it the color was just screaming my name very loud.

I wanted to try the brand for an eternity but never got the chance to find somewhere to order it and I knew that Jouer was very famous for their Lip Crème. Liquid lipstick or any family member in that range is not my favorite finish at all, I tend to prefer creamy texture, even if you need to re-apply constantly. Sorry but it is more comfortable girls!

That being said I am very curious about Metallic liquid lipstick and now that Summer is finally here, it is the perfect time to give it ago. For £15 I gave it a go, after all what could go wrong ? Plus I wanted to know what was the fuss about.


First thing first I love the packaging, many people find the actual container no that convenient because it is square but in my opinion I love it. Handle is short but the grip is good and you get a nice wand with a very comfy applicator.

I love the color, even if it is not exactly (at all!) the same color as on Cult Beauty Website or Jouer’s website. It is so much darker in real life and way less shiny. The color Rose is described as a Cool Metallic Champagne Mauve, instead you get a more rosy than mauve color but it is ok because it is still a very pretty color.

I forgot to mention that this color is part of their Anniversary limited edition range, still available on the website though! I love how it wears and the fact that I have nothing like that in my collection.


The doe foot applicator is easy to work with and color pay off quite well, in one swipe you can get both of your lips done but of course as most of the liquid lipstick you need a second coat.

On the picture you can see left the first swipe and right the second layer, that baby dries fast so you better be quick and ready. Liquid metallic lipstick are more comfortable to wear that regular one, the color stays on forever and yes it is smudge proof. So much that it is a pain in the bottom to remove, so be prepare and carry around something to remove that baby if you need too.

I loved it and felt very special wearing it, you also don’t need to line your lips and nothing crumbles in your mouth after a while. It does fade a tiny bit if you talk a lot in the center of your lips but you know nothing is bullet proof and with such an amazing formula no one can notice.

So yes the Lip Crème from Jouer are Worth the Hype for me, available here in the UK in Cult beauty and they have all the finish and the website is amazing to order from! You can go ahead, I had no problems and shipping was fast.




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