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Yogurt Coconut Cake


Summer is here and I love to bake treats with coconut in summer because it is refreshing and anyway it taste better when the weather is hot.

This is a super duper easy recipe because you don’t need much and your measuring cup is the actual pot of yogurt. With no further do here is the recipe and my top tips!

– 2 pots of coconut yogurt
– 2 pots of self raising flour
– 1 pot of caster sugar
– 3 eggs
– 1/2 of a pot of butter (metled and at room temperature)
– 1 big table spoon of Vanilla Sugar or Vanilla extract
– 1 pot of Coconut shred, any would do depend on how you like your coconut.

First thing first Preheat your oven at 180 degrees !

1. Melt butter in advance and let it sit until it is at room temperature. For 1/2 a cup you need 100g of butter, roughly it depend of the size pf your yogurt pot.
2. Mix all ingredients in order and mix in between do make sure all is well combined.
3. Add coconut shred at the very end and add some more if there isn’t enough for your taste. The more the merrier but bare in mind that you cake can turn up a bit dry if you go cray cray on the coconut.
4. Grease and then Pour it into the baking pan of your choice, mine was rectangular in that case but round or even muffin size are ok.
5. Once settle sprinkle at the top of your cake some more coconut shred, it will make the crust crumble and very tasty.
6. Put it into the oven now for 25mn. Halfway take it out, add a little more coconut shred and pop it in back but now turn down temperature at 160 degrees. Again we are working on a nice and golden crust around. If after 25mn it is not cooked don’t panic let it bake for another 10mn and verify constantly by using a knife in the center, if it comes out dry it is ready
7. Let it seat for a good half and hour to an hour than enjoy, to let it breath pop it on a baking grill. It will make you cake cool faster and fluffier.

At that point you are done, see wasn’t that bad ? You mainly babysit the cake. Easy peasy!

If you want a little something something to enjoy it, glaze your cake with icing sugar and lemon or icing sugar and raspberry purée. It does not require any skill just mixing power!

Hope you enjoyed it! Have a happy Summer guys and stay fresh and cool!



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