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Up Up! in the Air with Cath Kidston


I rarely (what a lie!) fall in love with prints at work that much but this one is just so special. I can’t wait to see windows and visual merchandising around the shop with Hot Air Balloon, it is going to be amazing.

I wanted to do a kind of first impression, show and tell kind of article. This Hot Air Ballon print is coming in every section such as Home soft kitchen, Kids Garments, Fashion, bags and accessories! I mean, when we started to receive it my head and heart were spinning. Worst thing is that we haven’t received EVERYTHING yet there is still a mirror, overnight bag and probably skirt that I want but I have enough to show you now.


Let’s start with accessories, across the range you can get zip pouches, luggage tags, foldaway bag (not on the picture and it is because I bought it last minute) or a zip coin purse shape just like the luggage tag with a hidden grocery bag. I don’t need it but I will probably get it at some point….Geez I am weak.

I love the whole range, the luggage tag is on my bag I use it as a decoration! And my bag is organized with zip pouches so I can’t never get enough. It is always nice to swap things over plus I collect them! I will probably dedicate a whole article about that, I am that crazy.


The Family Organizer is a true Novelty item, we never had that before and this is such an amazing planner for a stationery addict like me! The price is also very reasonable (£20) and you get so much inside.

You have stickers and hidden right at the back an extra small notebook, how sweet ? I love the prints inside, the format and the fact that everything has been put together perfectly. Monthly calendar, birthdays, shopping list etc… I love it and can’t wait to use it from August, and it is until December 2018!


Overall it is a very sweet collection and the colors are very pastel but not just so, it is mixed with bright pink and yellow and that is what stands out for me. For us it is a Hero and Novelty print and it is a true representation of the brand, a mix of vintage (Hot air Balloons) and Modern but with a twist (bright colors).

Go on the Website to discover the whole range :

Cath Kidston Hot Air Balloons



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