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Sleek “Oh So Special” Palette Review


Today I want to share with you guys a palette. I have tried Sleek Before (Obviously!) but I haven’t in while took the actual time in store to swatch all the palettes and this time I truly fell in love with ONE color in particular and decided that it was coming home with me.

The “Oh So Special” palette got a Birthday vibe, when you look at the names that is the impression I got. At first the colors don’t look impressive but once swatched they are all wearable, beautiful and pigmented. A true gem worth a full blogpost!


Every Sleek eyeshadow palette are the same in design an number of shadows, you get 12 and the packaging is yet simple but very effective. I mean can you believe that the price is £8.99 ??? A bargain and not to mention the unique type of colors that particular palette got to offer.

Sleek is in my opinion underrated and very discrete in the make up world but in general the quality is amazing. Every time I do a “make up purge” and go through my stash I always come to the conclusion that I do have a lot of Sleek but never really mention it. That being said I should probably do a Brand Focus at some point.


Each palette is made with different type of finish, this one is no exception as you get a mix of shimmer and matte. All of those colors are truly beautiful, the only downside is that those pans are very small so if you go through one color it is a very sad time.

It is a quite interesting palette because you get both pinky nude colors and also dark and more smokey colors. You can totally wear it day or night or combined a bit of both.


Swatched those colors are beautiful and when you actually touch the shadow with your finger it feels like butter. There is a tiny bit of fall out but it is ok, those colors can also be worn wet or dry.

My favorites are Gateau, bow, the mail and gift basket combined. I worn it a tone at work and I got compliments each time. I also tried wrapped up, glitz and noir combine with a little bit of ribbon and it was very classy, smokey but yet fierce.

Nothing budged or moved during the day, colors are staying vibrant and fresh even after 10 long hours of working in a shop on a busy and buzzing shop floor.


The Star of the show (my show!) is Gateau, this is the color I fell in Love with and I am pretty sure I will get that palette again only for that color in the future. It is the most beautiful and mesmerizing color I have ever tried and trust me I have been through a lot of make up.

On the picture you can see on the left a regular swatch, one swipe. Then on the right you can see a more intense one, only two coats and look at what you get. I am truly in love and very sad that this color is not sold individually because it so pretty.

You can get a way with a lot of colors in that palette and even if just like me you enjoy only one, go for it because think about it guys how much a single MAC eyeshadow ? There you go, don’t think twice and you will thank me !



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