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E.L.F Brand Focus Part 2 : Eyes + Lips


As expected here is part 2 of my haul, like I said I went a little bit cray cray on the website and I don’t want you to be bored with too many items in one post so I thought it would be better to split it in two.

That being said today we are going to talk about products related to Eyes and Lips and let me tell you guys that I was very surprised and chocked in some case. I was not expecting Elf to be that good for such a small price. So carry on reading for the full reviews!


Clear Hydrating Under Eye Primer

This product plus the HD powder were originally what I wanted the post and the reason why I was lurking on the website. I was not disappointed, I gave it a few weeks of trial and damn, it is very good and it does make my under eye make up last longer!

It is infused with Vitamins C & E, Shea, Green Tea, Aloe, and Ginko Biloba which is a plus and very hydrating. It does not replace your daily under eye cream but it is a great in between before you apply your concealer. A little tip from me, keep it in the fridge it does wonder!

HD undereye Setting Powder

First, get ride of that awful brush because it is a hot mess. I personally use a beauty blender or a concealer blending brush then dab dab dab! I love how it is fine and transparent, I usually find normal powder way too thick and honestly where can you find a good undereye powder ? There isn’t a lot of brands making it and for me it is a game changer.

I love also the packaging, easy to use and take it on the go but once applied and if you get the under eye primer you will not need to re-apply. It is also infused with Vitamin C is it does not dry my undereye, on my skin it makes it smoother. Also it is perfect for pictures with flash as it is specially made for that, no more white circles! yeah!


The Coconut Lip Exfoliator

Again yet another product that has changed my life forever. No need to dig your finger in a jar or create mess it is simply in a stick, you rub and remove in seconds! I obviously love the scent and I find it so easy to use. It such a small price (£4.50) and if like me you use 2 to 3 times a week it will last a very long time.

It is enriched with a lot of different vitamins and regenerate the skin so my tip is to do it in the morning before you apply your make up, let it soak and just before applying your lipstick remove it. My lips are like a baby butt! Such a lovely and cheap discovery.

The Matte Lip Color

I did not get that in that Haul, a friend got it for me from the states, I got the shade Tea Rose which is not available on the UK website but I can tell you that you can go for it eyes closed. Formula is creamy, non drying and very comfortable to wear. It is a nice nudy pink so a no brainer, I even apply it without a mirror but if like me matte colors are a no non this formula can be a very easy solution.


Eyes Brushes

I got a Blending and a Crease brush, those were really cheap but the quality is great. The bristles are fluffy and it is easy to use. It is a simple design but it gets the job done and also it was very easy to wash and dry. I love good cheap brushes, no need to spend a tone of money in MAC especially for small brushes like that and also it is pick up the product very nicely, a gem!


BONUS : Aqua Beauty Motlen Liquid Eyeshadow in Brushed Copper

I was suppose to get it in the Haul but it was sold out but as you guys may already know, Superdrug is now selling online and inshore the brand so I picked it up in my local Superdrug just because I was dying to try it.

It is nice, but not as nice as my NYX one. The thing is that the formula is very wet and usually I don’t use liquid eyeshadow on their own, I always top up with a powder eyeshadow to intensify or I use it as a base to make my eye look last longer.

Turns out to formula does not blend with everything and it kind of make my eye look looking like a hot mess at the end of the day, my eyes creased a few time and that is not cute. It is not a terrible formula, don’t get me wrong you just have to tame it and use it with the proper shadows otherwise it can be a disaster.

That is it for that E.L.F brand focus, hope you enjoyed it because it is not a brand we are very familiar with in the UK but now that Superdrug is selling a part of the range I have high hopes that more reviews will come in the future. I love when cheap brands are doing miracles and I finally thrilled to get something that Americans have easy access to.



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