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Nuts about Coconut

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I wanted to do that post for so so long guys, I am such a huge addict to everything coconut from products to eat, to put on my face or to drink…except coconut water, it is a big nope for me but coconut milk! Yummy, anyway I wanted to share a few things with you and spread the coconut love, so shall We ?

First let’s talk about FOOD, because let’s face it everything is better with coconut! I discovered recently that Kinder Bueno was coming out with a new flavor ; Coconut of course and geez it is so good. To give you an idea, it taste like the Ferrero Raffaelo so very yummy but creamy. It is very new so not everywhere but try your local Superdrug. Now Popcorn, I have already talked about it but the Proper Love Sweet Coconut and Vanilla are the best of the best, tasty and low in calories those can be your best friend for summer time. Now I cannot talk about coconut without talking about my favorite cocktail, Pina Colada of course! I mean, life can’t be better than a warm summer night with a fresh Pina Colada.


In terms of body products I like to use the Superdrug Body Cream because it is less overpowering and thick than the body shop one. The coconut is mixed with Orchid and very indulgent on the skin, not to mention the price that is way cheaper. I also have to mention (yet again!) the Hawaiian Tropic spray, the creamy coconut is a dream because it smells like Pina Colada and is a must have during summer to keep your body cool and smelling awesome.

For my face I love the YesTo Coconut range but I cannot live without the face wipes and the hand cream. Those are 2 favorites that I constantly buy and now I order it from Amazon with prime because it is so easy to get it delivered quickly. I also love the Nivea coconut lip balm, quite a hassle to find int he UK but easy to get in France so I always stock up when I go there. I recently talked about it in my E.L.F haul but the Coconut lip exfoliator is the best of the best, smells amazing and the lipstick format is a true revolution in my life.

Not a fan of coconut ? Well I hope I have changed your mind with that post, of course I also use hair products, shower gel etc.. but the list was so long ! I had to choose.




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