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Top 5 Superheroes Movies


I have recently seen Spider-Man Homecoming and I was thinking about reviewing it but then I realised that the film was good but it didn’t WOW me so instead I thought it was better to talk about my favs of the favs.

I am a true Nerd at heart and I love a good superhero movie, no matter who it is as long as it has the DC comics label or Marvel I am happy. You may be surprised by some movies but I am old fashioned and Blockbuster don’t necessarily mean that it is going to be good.

It is not going to be full on reviews, just why I love those movies plus my top 3 reasons for each movie to watch it. Hope you will enjoy this type of blogpost!

Number 1 – Batman The Dark Knight


Love love love, Christopher Nolan nailed it, the third one was my least favorites but this one, my Lord a true masterpiece. You get all the ingredients and the acting (despite the death of Heath Ledger) is on point. I have to say that Christian Bale will always be the best Batman ever and this Joker will always be the most memorable, this performance is insane and the general picture of the movie is beautiful.

Top 3 reasons to watch it :

  • The Joker
  • Christian Bale (duh!)
  • The picture

Number 2 – Avengers


I have to say that I was not expecting much of Joss Whedon, apart from the fact that he created the best tv show ever so at least dialogues should have been awesome! And it was, the jokes are hilarious and the whole movie is just a MUST watch for any nerd out there or any type of fan of sarcastic sense of humor. I also love the story, the background and the villain, I main Loki is just perfect and hilarious at times.

Top 3 reasons to watch it :

  • Dialogues (hilarious!)
  • Loki (best villain ever!)
  • Best reunion of superheroes

Number 3 – Batman Return


This is probably the best adaption of Tim Burton ever. I mean at first you might think that is a very weird collaboration but at the end Burton brings his imagination to the superheroes and villains world and it works. Should I even mention Catwoman ? This is the best interpretation EVER fullstop. Michelle Pfeiffer is just the best and the scene when she becomes Catwoman is legendary. I have to say that I love this movie for the villains not the actual Batman, sorry Michael Keaton! Dany Devito is also still haunting my dreams and no on can play better than him the Penguin.

Top 3 reasons to watch it :

  • Catwoman
  • The Penguin
  • Christopher Walken

Number 4 – Iron Man


Iron Man is my second favorite superhero after Batman. He has a sense a humor I love and the whole thing is genius. Just like Batman he is a regular guy with no super powers but lots of Money and of course a huge brain. I love Tony Starks, he is Sassy and lovable as a character and I really enjoy watching him creating his Iron suit over and over. Thanks Jon Favreau for this and yet again best choice of actors. I mean who else could have played Ironman BUT Robert Downey Jr ? No one.

Top 3 reasons to watch it :

  • Tony Starks
  • Tony Starks
  • Miss Pepper

Number 5 – Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2


This is a recent favorite but I had to put it in my top 5 hence the bonus one below. I just fell deeply in love with Baby Groot, I mean who hasn’t ? And the whole vibe of the movie is awesome. It is a Star trek 2.0 with cooler people and killer soundtrack. I was not expetcting Chris Pratt to be that good as Star Lord aka Peter but he is just the type of guy you want to hang out with. I prefer this one compare to the first for some reasons and don’t even get me started with Rocket and that snail face lady (yes she has got a name but she creeps me out with her face).

Top 3 reasons to watch it :

  • 80’s Soundtrack
  • Rocket
  • Baby Groot

Bonus – Spiderman


As I was saying Spiderman is slowly drifting out of my top 5, not because I don’t enjoy it anymore but just because there was so many movies made since 2002 that my head is spinning round and round. I have to mention though that I did not enjoy any of the Spiderman remake, the Sam Raimi trilogy will always stay number 1 for me but I have to say that Peter Parker is not anymore my favorite Superhero. But it is worth watching because it has that 2000’s vibe and the story is still very cool.

Top 3 reasons to watch it :

  • William Defoe as the Green Goblin
  • That Kiss scene
  • Jameson, still the best at yelling at people!



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