Who is Allie ?!?

Well I am a 29 years old French Woman and it’s been (almost) 5 years that I am in London now. I am a Make up and Beauty Junkie, A planner addict and a donut lover. I also like to bake, DIY, watching Movies and Tv show and of course Book.

I work in retail but on my free time I do like to play with make up, beauty products, taking pictures and baking. In this blog which is more a lifestyle blog than anything you will find articles mainly about make up, baking and Stationary such as plan with me kind of articles or sticker hauls. But from time to time I also like to review books, movies, tv show or put together some DIY.

So that is who I am a bubbly curvy blonde with a lot of things to say.

Oh I am also married to the most lovable husband in the world and he is also part of the adventure, trust me you will see him around!

Why “I D0nut Care” ?

Because I needed to change things in my life and focus myself. You will find my youtube link in my Links section so go and have a look. I used to have a Channel and don’t worry it will come back. I just need time for myself and find a way to make things work so what a better idea than a new blog and concept. So yeah I Do(nut) Care of what people say, I do things the way I want to.

Welcome guys and see you around 😉

My (old) Blog :


XOXO Allie

Clipart donuts from clipartlord.com


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